5 Favorite New Wedding Trends of 2018

Gone are the days of dreamcatchers, pampas grass aisles, and rose gold galore. (Okay, we'll never say goodbye to rose gold) Anyway, these are some fresh new trends we're super excited about for 2018! 

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#1 - Black stoneware & Flatware

Props to the couple who takes a chance on this bold new trend in their table design. Try pairing with gold accents, white table linens, and/or monochromatic color palettes.



Instagram is not the only place you'll be seeing little squares this year. This modern wire pattern is finding its place in Ceremony backdrops and signage/escort displays as couples move in a direction of modern and architectural design.


#3 - Minimalist Tablescapes

There is something so refreshing about raw, neutral tones, smooth textures, clean lines, and negative space. Having less for the eye to digest can be relaxing to the mind and calming to the soul - and it's still just as romantic. Not to mention that old saying... "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."


#4 - cocktail style reception

Laid back lounge vibes > long formal dinner tables. Ditch the assigned seating chart and allow your guests to mingle and let loose! Plus think of all the fun you could have mixing and matching furniture to create the perfect hangout space. Oh, the possibilities!


#5 - Monochromatic Color palettes

So edgy! As hard as it is to pick one color, the result could be so worth it, giving your reception that extra bit of modern flair it was missing. 

There you have it! Our 5 favorite new trends of 2018! Now who's gonna give one of these babies a try? We dare ya! :) 


XO, Sarah