My Secret to Romantic Color Palettes!




Blush is the new white...Amirite?

For years I thought that “Blush & White” was the only way to a romantic wedding palette… But boy was I wrong! I figured out a way to make pretty much ANY color palette romantic AF. And I’m going to tell you my secret!

If you’ve ever had to plan a wedding, you know how choosing a color palette can be one of the most difficult tasks. Am i right? I mean… You want to do blush and burgundy, but your BFF had those colors for her wedding. Or you love yellow, but it’s just so loud. Then there’s the whole added complication of what color will look perfect with each of your 9 bridesmaid’s skin tones… Just kill me now!

I have had more brides this year than EVER telling me their overall wedding palette is “Neutral.” And it is no surprise why. I mean… who wants to make all these decisions about color?!


Then I realized, with all of these neutral weddings happening around me, I was given the BEST opportunity EVER. I realized that the florals could bring in ANY color we wanted to, and STILL TIE IN PERFECTLY with every aspect of the wedding…as long as we kept this “NEUTRAL” word in mind.

It was then that it occurred to me… maybe “neutrals” are the key to making any color palette romantic. So I started pushing myself with color. I started playing with golds, yellows, burgundy, even REDS, CORALS, BLUES… and I realized that there was a secret magical ingredient to turning ANY of these color palettes into the most romantic mix of florals I had ever seen.

…… And the secret?

Screen Shot 2018-12-21 at 11.52.13 AM.png

“Umm…My favorite eye shadow palette?”

…YES! Well…not exactly. But basically.

Let me explain this. You know how a sundress can be dressed up or down depending on how you accessorize? You can pair it with sneakers and it’s a casual outfit, or pair it with heeled booties and a leather jacket and BAM! It’s a going out cocktail dress. You can use the same trick with your florals. Just add this secret ingredient, neutral tones… All of a sudden, it’s romantic, elegant, SOPHISTICATED, INSTA-WORTHY… You get it.

Just by adding these warm, feminine, neutral shades to any palette, you can achieve a look that is more wedding appropriate. And all of your guests will be like… OH EM GEE… how did I not think of using these colors?!

Umm… Because they’re totally not wedding colors. But, we’ve added the secret ingredient, and now they are!

I know what you’re thinking. “BRIGHT YELLOW with pink and muddy brown tones? Yeah, right! Those colors totally don’t go.”

Or… “Bright red and Coral for a wedding? Are you kidding me?”

Wait for it.

Wait for it.

Wait for it.

Images by  Charla Storey

Images by Charla Storey


Take this wedding for example. The primary color tone in this floral palette was golden yellow. But in no way is it overwhelming or overpowering. No one would leave this wedding thinking, her colors were “YELLOW….EW.” And it’s also not polkadots of yellow and white creating heavy contrast either. The palette actually appears more soft and romantic than anything. And hardly any blush was used.

Images by  Charla Storey

Images by Charla Storey


For this look, we incorporated beige, blush, and mauve to neutralize an otherwise very intense palette. The yellow still stands out more than any other color, but it is not overpowering.

We added hints of very soft blush into the ceremony arrangements and table centerpieces to give it a more pastel look, and let the bold yellows and gold ribbons in the bouquet make a statement that both popped and tied in with the background florals.

I’ll give you one more example.

Images by  Anya Kernes

Images by Anya Kernes


For this wedding, we wanted the floral palette to represent the the brown and blue hues of the Malibu hills and the texture to mimic the dried, rugged mountain landscape. Doesn’t sound very romantic for a wedding, does it?

Obviously texture came into play here as well, since we balanced the harsh textures of the Ceremony backdrop with soft, friendly and garden-like blooms in the bouquet. But color played heavily into this look as well.

The main colors in this palette were blue and brown. But by adding a hint of blush to the bouquet, and nude tones to bridge the blush into the browns, we made this palette romantic. The brown ribbons on the bouquet make a statement and tie everything together.


Here is another example of how we used the magic ingredient of nudes and blushes to tone down an intense palette.

Images by  Jordan Galindo

Images by Jordan Galindo


For this shoot, we even gave the bride a mono-neutral bouquet to further balance these intense orange and red hues.

Image by  Jordan Galindo

The bouquet still pulled from the same botanicals that were used in the backdrop, so it still tied in and made sense.

So… there you have it. Three totally unique color palettes that appear totally romantic and insta-worthy. Neither of these palettes scream “BLUSH”, but each of them USE blush hues, and nudes and mauves, to work soft romantic shades into a very non-blush palette. And the result is both unique and breathtaking.

That’s what we all want, isn’t it?

XO, Sarah

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